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Elsie's Mailing Center

I keep stamps, favorite pens, gluesticks, "fragile" stamp, return address labels, AIR MAIL stamps, and ink pads in a cigar box. Then I have my portable "mailing center" that I can take with me wherever I go! (I mean living room, dining room or kitchen!)
*if you are finding this idea helpful, you probably have messy table tops like me?

I love mails. Especially real mails written with pen and paper. (who doesn't anyway?) It's so romantic to open the mailbox and find it stuffed with personal mails (not bills or junk mails!) with my name on them. (that's why I rented an extra small P O Box!!)

Please write to me and let me know how you like your tour at my sweatshop. Your comments are important to me! Returning mails is my "number one hobby"! Guaranteed I will write back! I will also add your name on my mailing list when I hear from you. So you will be the first one to know when I have new work released or if there is any special promotions. For those of you who wrote already, please write again! Cos' I just can't get enough of your letters and cards! *Thanks from the bottom of my heart!*

Elsie Sampson
PO Box 981
White Plains, NY 10602