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March 28, 2006

went to NJ Zine Fest on sunday.  we stayed until the last minute.  took our time to pack (to be precise, i took my time to pack) and left NJ at about 6.30pm.  fell asleep soon after elzan started driving, went straight to bed from car and slept til 7 this morning.  i was shocked this morning when i woke up and see the mess at home!!  boxes, fibers, papers, double-sided tapes, staplers, empty water bottles, plastic bags, half way asembled zines everywhere...what happened?  did i really do all these? well, i guess my excuse for the mess is that i was too busy paying back my 'sleep debt' built from the Boston trip and writing my first plain text zine {Boston Zine Fair Diary} this past week.  i've been having problem staying up for more than 10 hours this week and just HAD to nap for at least 2 hours or so everyday in the afternoon.  feels like an old grandma!

about Boston Zine Fair Diary, 2/3 of it is about the zine show, and the rest are not really show related but 'interesting' stuff.  i finished the zine literally on sunday morning, stoped by Kinko's before leaving NY and put the zine together at the show.

Linda came to NJ Zine Fest and we met for the first time.  it's so nice to put a face to a name.  even cooler, she showed me her new zine for the upcoming swap (which too bad i'm not in), i'm not gonna tell what theme her zine is cos' i don't wanna spoil it for the swappers.  but all i can say is: very original and very clever, love it!  presentation, presentation, presentation!!!  to make it even the coolest, she won a basket of zines and DIY stuff at the show!!  yeahh!!

here's a clip of our fun email conversations after the zine fest:

Linda:  I have spent the last three hours reading the latest Chinese Sweatshop, and Chinese Sketchbook 1 & 2--once again so inspired by your art and words! your tribute to chinese new year was so nicely done, and the colorful envelopes with surprise ingredients are so much fun to open. the lantern, beads coin, sticks...i love it all.  ...and I promise to use your sketchbook and scrap materials. for more than a year I have been visiting the blog of danny gregory, who is a journal artist, too. see and feeling that my talent is not up to working with beautiful watercolors, pen and ink. but I love the art of it so much, your zine was like a tonic, a reminder to just do it...

Elsie: spent 3 hours reading the 'chinese zines'?  or you mean you spent 3 hour on a zine reading section including mine?)  : ) I'm not sure what tonic does (like sparkling water right?) but I know it means something good right?  : )  It's so nice that someone like you used to Danny's cool work and still find my art and words inspiring!  You officially made my day!!  : )

Linda:  yes, Elsie, I spent three hours with your zines! Just yours! and it was a tonic, as in refreshing, invigorating, thirst-quenching!

Elsie:  If I say I don't understand what 'invigorating' means, are you going to tell me 3 more sweet words to make me even happier?  LOL!!  haha, just looked up the word already, don't wanna push my luck too much in one day!  ; )  I wish you could see my big smile, Linda!  BIG thank you hug to you!

how i love love love doing what i do!  thank you everyone who wrote.  your encouraging words are the biggest reward to me!  BUT, even telling me what you don't like is also very welcome and appreciated!


March 21, 2006

back from Boston on sunday night. It was quite a long drive but we made it back right before i turned into a pumpkin, i mean midnight! haha! the show was so fun! met lots of artists and cool people. i had only 15 hours sleep in 90 hours. THAT is a record. so last night, i blacked out at 9.30pm and slept like a baby. it feels so nice to sleep for 9 hours! you know how they say we need 8 glasses of water a day? i remember when i was a kid, they always say 10 hour sleep a day.(in hong kong) now everybody is saying 7 hours a day! (in us, tv and mags) what happened to that 3 hours? 8 hours make sense to me but 7 as standard? that's crazy! i guess that 3 hours must have gone to computering. afterall, we had no computer and as much crazy stuff to occupy our time back then. anyways, back to the Boston show. i'm working on Boston Zine Fair Diary. i was not planning to do one but a couple of people at the show asked and that's kind of stuck in my head now. plus, i do have some juicy stories to tell. this Diary won't be as fancy as the Philly one and the simplified version will be free on this site. but the juicy version will be printed in a 'regular' zine form, what do you say? although i was waiting for the last moments to get things done. i did managed to put together Chinese SketchBook 2 for the show. this time, it's black and white with the focus of 'fun of quick sketching'. it comes with a handmade acid-free mini sketch pad and a 'chinese pencil'. email me if you want a copy, it's available now for 6 bucks. gotta asemble more CSS#3 and SketchBook #1 for the NJ ZineFest this Sunday, seeya!


March 15, 2006

i've been cutting and pasting and stamping and glittering all week long! finished 60 half-original' pages for the {WHITE} chucky book and about 35 for 'secrets and lies', still need to make more. but then i also need to get ready for the Boston Zine Fair. i'm ready bad like this. i don't do things according to the priority but according to what i'm in the mood for. i guess this week my brain is not thinking business but arting. that's fine, i have 48 hours still... after 'the art of cooking' FAT book, i'm just hooked with doing original pages. i did the back of my {WHITE} pages all original. i want my back (info) pages as beautiful as my front design. wannna see? i will have Fhung put up some photos for all my swaps soon but she's always so busy...


March 9, 2006

ok, you all got me hooked on project runway. i didn't really follow the show but here and there i watched like 2, 3 shows after hearing so much about it. yesterday, i thought i would move some boxes in the storage and continue cleaning up my messy studio after lunch. while flipping through the channels during lunch, omg! it's project runway! and i never watched that episode before! so my lunch lasted from 20 minutes to an hour...two hour...3 hours...omg!! they keep showing the show back to back to back to back!! so i ended up given up my original plan and gave myself yet another day off!! haha! not only that, i kept my tv on til midnight last night cos' after the finale at 10, i also watched that top chef show. comon', it's like a project runway but on cooking! how can i not watch? judging from the first show, i must say project runway was way more interesting. but i think i will watch it again next week.


February 28, 2006

do you normally cook dinner?  if your family is not coming home for dinner, what will you do for supper?  call a friend to hang out?  order chinese takeout?  pizza?  i will cook anyway.  but i cook stuff that i like.  eat at anytime i want.  I had dinner by myself tonight.  a bowl of sauteed frozen corn with butter.  yup!  a big bowl of corn for dinner!  when i was in secondary one (like first year of junior high), my mom worked day time.  i had to take care of my own lunch after school.  i used fixed myself a bowl of corn and enjoyed being at home all alone.  sometimes, i just really enjoy being alone!  try this next time when you're gonna eat alone at home.  it fast and tasty (if you like corn).  just a little bit of salt, freshly grounded black pepper and butter... yum!  towards the end, i like to add a little bit of honey...yum yum!!


February 22, 2006

do you order stuff online? i used to be a big fan of mail ordering, just love the convenience! but i'm having a change of heart now. i PROMISED myself i'm not gonna shop online again......unless i really need to. ( do i define 'really need to'?) i first learned about the fun of home shopping a few months after moving to this country. i was suffering from homesick and depression. i didn't even wanna go out and sight-seeing! i told my friends on the very expensive international calls (didn't know about the $10 phone cards from Chinatown back then!) how 'weird' Americans TV are that they would talk about a bottles of vitimins for hours! way too strange!! then one day i accidentally discoverrf a scrapbook and crafts marathon show on qvc and oh! i see what this is all about! i got hooked on home shopping ever since! it's funny how a lot of people act distasteful when home shopping (especially qvc) is mentioned. this reminds me of artists acting/talking distasteful about handicrafts. as if they are better or more tasteful if they are not involved in these activites? i have no shame of addmiting that i shop with qvc and i enjoy making crafts! now, guess what inspired me to make such a huge decision? nope, no Oprah. although i did watch the 'american debt diet' show last week! it's! i'm not a fan of this company. but i placed an online order with them back in november last year for a friend from hong kong who wanted some stuff for her boyfriend. but then boyfriend changed his mind even before the order arrived. good news is: we are in the us! it's so easy to get a refund, just take the stuff back to the store! NOT! forget about their stupid website that listed no item numbers with their products (my friend gave me item numbers she wanted), i had to call AND sit in front of the computer to cross check the items to place the order!), my first purchase with this company is just like opening a pandora box, if not worse! i took the package to the mall (costed me 3 dollars to park!! unbelievable!) for a refund as soon as i received the package. the supervisor looking person refused to give me a refund at first because i don't have the email confirmation even though i presented the invoice that comes with the merchadise with my name and credit card info on it! eventually she called the mail order dept and TOLD me that i would get my money back through my credit card so i was happy and left. 3 weeks later, i got a merchadise credit in the mail! so i called the 800 number and struggled with over 6 representatives for this 'supposed to be very simple matter'. elzan had to jump in and tried to rescue me cos' it was too annoying for him to hear me repeating and repeating my story at the background while he was trying to enjoy his tv show on a week night. save 500 words here, we spent over 2 hours on the phone, had a serious fight (that could have cost our marriage), paid the stupid 3 bucks again at the mall, showed up at the store with all the stupid papers this wonderful company asked for and...? WAITED FOR NEARLY 3 MONTHS now but i still don't see my money back!! unbelievable! my mom doesn't trust online shopping. she told me not to cos' she heard 'bad' stories about it. (of course, on top of this reason, she don't really know how to use a computer anyway!) that's why they say 'listen to your mother and eat your vegetables!' well, i'm so going to listen to my mother and eat my vegetables now!


February 10, 2006

i've been working on cleaning up my tiny studio for weeks (should I say years to be accurate? haha!) but no matter how many hours i spend in that scary little store room, it doesn't show my work.  now, i can't help but wonder what have i been doing all these days.  my room has never been as messy in my whole live (again, to be accurate, i should say my home!)  my mom would always clean up for me when i live with her.  she just can't stand the mess.  now i realized what a spoiled girl i have been!

did i tell you about the false alarm about moving to FL?  i'm taking a break from school this semester because of that but my schedule is still packed. it proves that false alarm is a good thing!  with the so called free time i have, i get to make 70 original FAT book pages for a upcoming swap instead of color copying them.  it was fun!  i also get to joined a valentine's swap (i never make valentine's as a kid, valentine's day is not for kids or singles in Hong Kong!) and even go to China Town!  and i drove there!  yes, i'm still 'learning' how to drive to Queens to China Town! (about one hour drive) going to China Town is fun cos' it means shopping to me!  see what i brought home last week?  tell me if you don't agree it's fun to bring home these goodies!  and that explain why i can never clean up my room ~ i just have too much stuff!!!  help!!  it's a disease!  i have a record of going to India with 2 full suitcases and go home 5 months later with over 10 big boxes and the over weight suitcases of course!

if you read Shopping Queen's Diary, you will know about my shopping disease.  my problem with clothing shopping these days has been calmed down but switched to other stuff such as supplies and stationary (like i don't already have enough of them!), may be i really should freeze my credit card in the freezer!  i need to save money to go back to Asia!  haven't been back for over 3 years.  miss my family and friends and everything so bad!  and i really wanna meet my great web goddess, Fhung!


January 24, 2006

Happy New Year to you!!  no, this is not delay New Year greetings!  year 2006 (of Dog) is not yet arrive until Jan 29th!!

so, if you have new year resolutions planed but have not been working on it yet (like myself), the good news is :  it's NOT too late!  we are just following a different calendar, right?!  ; )

My resolutions start with the latest issue of CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP!  this will be Issue #4 and it has a section that covers everything you wanna know about Chinese New Year besides the regular articles such as asian movie talks, Elsie's cooking, 'alien talks', childhood memories, and of course...Chinese Goodies!  goodies include something very Chinese, something you can play with and something you can alter!  I will be making an edition of 70 for this issue.  just spent the last 3 days putting together 30 of them...why it takes so much time?  I don't know!  but i can finally say that i have present it 'to my heart's content' (is it how you say this?  i like this expression!).  i will harass my web mistress, Fhung to update the info for CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #4 asap. please check later!  wanna take a peak at a part of the supplies list for the artist edition?  here you go:

*lai see packets
*chinese paper lanterns
*fortune sticks
*traditional chinese calendar
*traditional 'know it all calendar
*"chinese barbie"
*chinese mahjong