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Q: What are zines?

A: Zines are pronounced like magaZines just without the 'maga'. My simplified answer for you after digesting five hundred and fifty two different definitions available everywhere is: "Zines are self-published, handmade magaZines. They are created for the love of creating them rather than for profit."

Q: What does 'artist edition' mean?

Originally, this version is all I wanted to make. It comes with 'knickknacks and 'goodies' and often will color pages and extra inserts. Besides the extras, artist edition also involve hand-finished work such as hand-coloring, hand-stamped cover and other labor intensive work! You will find it so much more than 'just a zine' (this explains why they cost what they cost!). Some of them are even signed and numbered and they come in limited edition only.

Q: What are 'simplified version' and 'standard edition'?

They basically mean the same thing. These are more affordable versions of my zines that do not include color pages, 'goodies' or 'knicknacks'. They are 'more like a zine' but still more than 'just a zine'!

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?

I make two trips to my post office each week. So you should receive your order pretty quickly. If for any reasons I can't mail out your order within a few days, I will email and let you know.

Q: I'm interested in your publications. Which one will you recommend? And which particular one you love the most?

Hmm... a lot of my 'first time supporters' start with CHiNesE SwEAtSHoPs. They are printed in a limited number (24 for issue one, 45 for issue two and 100 for issue three) and all signed and numbered. But I absolutely love my 'one-shot' zines. They allow me to experiment new presentations and different themes. As for my favorite, it will be BROKEN, my first artist book. It's not a zine because it's more like a story book and it was done in a different approach. I love the simplicity and the way it looks!

Q: How do I subscribe to your work?

I'm not planning to take subscription at this point but I do have a 'I want everything you created' list on hand. For those who are on this list, I will save a copy of any new work for them and send out paypal invoice when they are really to released for their convenience. Please contact me if you want your name to be on this list!

Q: Do you offer any discount if I order multiple publications in one order?

Sorry, I do not offer discount only because I can not afford to. Each of my work take a lot of time to put together. They are products from sweatshop activites. Thanks for supporting my sweatshop activities!