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The Latest News...

I Found Letters Overseas

Elzan and I will again attend the NJ Zine Fest in 2006. If you are in the area in March, please try to come. Zine Fest is FUN!!

Sunday, March 26; 12-6 pm; Trayes Hall
Located in the Douglass College Center
at the corner of George St and Nichol Ave
100 George Street
New Brunswick,
NJ 08901

NOT So Latest News...

As of November, 2005:

Chinese Sweatshop is sponsoring
a free film screening event, Free NYC,
organized by Altar Magazine.

Please visit the official website for details:
There is a list of other sponsors on this web page
with very interesting links, check it out!

As of August 26, 2005:

Just found out that my "dancing in the moonlight...dancing in the rain" got accepted to the 15th MINI PRINT International Exhibition at The Roberson Museum & Science Center :-).

The prints will be available for sale in the Roberson Museum Gift Shop during the exhibtion period. The Opening will be on Sept 15th and the exhibition ends on March 6, 2006.

I'm participating at the Scarsdale Art Show and Sale at Chase Park, Scarsdale, NY.
Sept 17th, Saturday 10am-5pm
Sept 18th, Sunday 11am-4pm

I will also attend the New Jersey ZineFest this year. The exact date is not set in stone yet but probably the weekend of end of March. Please check back!

As of August 12, 2005:

I'm giving out FREE magnets for orders over $24

As of August 10, 2005:

Newest zines available:
Philly ZineFest Diary
CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #3

New Artist Books:
BROKEN, folding memories

New pages added to this site:
Publications, Handmade Artist Books,
"New" Art 4 Sale...

it happened again. just when the next zine i expected should be CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP, a new zine was born. actually, 2 different creations were born. they are nothing like any of my zines before. they are more like artist books then zines. anyway, i'm not in a hurry to label them now. will post updated info on the next publications. their names are "broken" and "folding memories".

CHINESE KITCHEN was published just in time for the NJ Zinefest (April 2005). I will not be able to update this site with pictures and info until later. (cos' I haven't taken the pictures yet!) But they are available with a couple of distros already.

Check out Fork'n Spoon Distro, YOU ARE INSANE HONEY DISTRO or KILL KILL KILL Distro. for CHINESE KITCHEN standard version OR Parcell Press Distro for CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP "simplified" versions.

Of course, you can always email me for orders too. Thanks for coming back and visit even though it is now taking me so long to update this site. Don't give up on me, I AM here (i'm just a quiet kind of girl! *wink~) but burried by lots and lots of work to do...

Yeah! Good news!!
CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2 has been choosen by my college together with my other prints to participate in the exhibition of SUNY student art in Albany. But this is not the best part. The coolest thing is, CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2 is one of them! *yeah* But let's not forget the out of print CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP#1! Cos' #1 has been choosen as one of the "Honorable Mentions" at the Art Exchange Program, carbon based mistake! *yeah yeah!*

Allow me to announce one more news, Shopping Queen's Diary is the other one of three "Horable Mentions"! *yeah yeah yeah* : ) Here's the the link to Art Exchange Program: Don't miss the pages about the winning books, real cool stuff!

Thank you for liking my art. I wanna thank you twice, three times and four times for those of you who won't miss any of my zines.