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august 25, 2005 thursday

just went to a friend's wedding in Virginia this passed weekend. it was so lovely! my friend and her family did such a good job taking care of guests who traveled for the big day! this week, i have put together 13 Shopping Queen's Diary in artist edition. i don't if i will make more of these, cos' it's just too much work for this tiny little zine. we'll see! i am also making new work for Scarsdale Art Show and Sale, Sept 17th & 18th. now, i think it's really time to start dealing with the piles of dirty laundry!!

august 10, 2005 wednesday

it's a lot of work to make zines, more work to maintain a website and even more work to find space to keep the "asembled zines" and supplies. i first sacrificed the shelf for my handbags (keep most of them in the storage, which means i will not use them for as long as they stay in storage!), then a corner of my living room (i have two big clear storage boxes sitting right in front of the radiator in m living room!), then two shelfs by the staircase, then a shelf in my wardrobe, now a shelf under my desk. i really have no idea what's gonna happen later! now, let me go look for more spaces to put things away!

august 5, 2005 friday

so, as you can see that i've been working on updating the website! it really is a lot of work to maintain a website. i'm so lucky to have a professional to work on a new site for me. if you don't already know about the new website, please make sure you check it out and bookmark it. we are moving there in september! this site will be terminated!!!

i will still be working on the updating work for the new publications over the weekend, see you!