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dec 24, 2004 friday

merry x'mas!! elzan and i just came back from vegas this morning. how was vegas? call me crazy but i find it boring! fortunately elzan booked 2 of Cirque du Soleil's shows and got really good seats. i personally think that the shows were the highlight of the trip...

dec 17, 2004 thursday

today is a good day to me. I found my sweatpants (mentioned in Shopping Queen's Diary). I couldn't find them for almost 2 months already! Talking about my sweatpants, can you believe someone out there who owes the same pair of sweatpants AND read my zine(reconized them) AND emailed me to let me know? i can. i have been waiting for all these time. i wonder what is the posibility rate for this to happen?

to me, this is all making zines is about. sharing and communicating.

ok, now i wrote so much already i will have to explain why today is a good day to me some other time. gotta go for my final exam studying. just 3 more days. i will have to make it!

dec 5, 2004 sunday

i've been busy for the whole week to put CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2. it took me days just to asembled 17 of them. so i counted how many inserts or hand finishing touches were required to finish one zine. besides the mini size itself is an extra, there are about 30 steps required in order to to together one zine. i'm loving what i do more and more now. i love to see my zines born!