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december 30, 2005

wow! it's this time of the year again. is it true that as we get older, a time pass faster and faster? this year has been a wonderful year. a year filled with excitments and opportunities. i've also met a lot of new friends and supporters through the internet. with all your support, i created a total of 6 titles this year!! whether we met this year or not, i sincerely thank you for your great support!!

Chinese Sketch Book 1 is the last creation of the year and folding memories has been the latest release of 2005. the reason why it took me so long to actually release folding memories was because i sort of got caught by the presentation. and thankfully, i found the perfect 'solution' right before X'mas Day! talking about X'mas, how was your X'mas? some of you asked if i celebrate X'mas, i sort of do and don't. i do put up X'mas decoration every year. (i got this from my grandma and my mom.) but not this year. there has been just too much going on at this time of this year, so i gave up my favorite activity in Dec this year! as for the don't celebrate part, i haven't been doing anything special for X'mas for a couple of years already. elzan and i had chinese vegetables for dinner on X'mas Eve and a Korean dinner on 25th this year! haha!

i've been working on after BROKEN for a while, but something is not looking right to me. so i put the project on the side and am waiting for that 'solution moment' now. CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP 4 is running a little later again. the reason for that is once again: i'm side tracked by other projects. but that's definitely my next to be finished project. so hopefully i can complete it...before the end of january?

thank you again for visiting my site and your support. i wish you a very happy new year filled with good news and love!! see you next year!