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jan 26, 2005 wednesday

i admit i'm bad. i know i haven't been updating the site like i used to and i still haven't finish taking pictures of my recent work. but the weather is cold! and it's snowing almost everyday!!

the truth is, i've been trying to hibernate! yes, hibernation! i almost made it once! from sleeping 2/3 hours a day in spring to sleeping 12~18 hours a day now, if this is not hibernation for human, what is it? *wink*

the real truth is: 24 hours a day is really not enough. there's too many things i need to do and have to do. i may have been a bit quiet these days but i difinitely have been working hard. i've been rearranging the appartment in the last few weeks. lots and lots of clean up and lots and lots of stuff to throw away. it's never easy to get rid of stuff. i'm a real hoarder and that only made my clean up work so much harder!

we have a chinese saying that goes like this: "to have the job done right, the tools need to be polished well". so, if you are thinking my hibernation and the clean up is irrelevant to the sweatshop factory log, then you are wrong. cos' CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #3 is boiling already!

come back next week! *wink*

jan 8, 2005 saturday

happy new year! this is the first log i keep since 2005. yeah, i admit i've been lazy. it's the weather! *ha ha!* i've been resting so much these days. i sleep 12 hours a day!

just finished "CHiNesE biRthdAy" for the "January Swap"/"TheZinePool" group a couple of days back. it's a short sweet zine kinda like Shopping Queen's Diary. i will try to put some pictures up on the site in a week or so. so please check back.