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july 23, 2005 saturday

ok! just finished "Philly ZineFest Diary"!! yup! that's what i've been working on since i cam back from the trip. i just let my bags and zines and postcards and goodies bought from the trip sitting around ALL over the appartment. skipped lunch, skipped dinner and it's done!! let me try to clean up the place tomorrow so that i can have some room to take pictures of all my new work.

july 18, 2005 monday

just came back to ny from the Philly ZineFest. it was a great weekend. elzan and i drove there on friday and spend a very relaxing but hot weekend in philly. i will write more later this week!

july 7, 2005 thursday

finally finished CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #3! i've been on the assembling line for the whole week to put together the zine. i will try to upload some pictues by next week, don't forget to come back and check it out!