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june 26, 2005 saturday

i love june! i love june not because it's summer. and i love june not because it's hot plus i dont'have an air-con in my work room. i love june because of Rainier Cherries! you know, those cherries that are not boringly dark red but rather yellowish and pinkish with yellow flesh. i'm so lucky that i found some of these organic babies today and i feel like in heaven after pouring a pound or so in my stomatch!! enjoy them while you can. between june and july is the best time for these pretty sweethearts. i've read an article on them that they are not easy to grow. if the wind's too hard or if it's too hot or if it rains too long will ruin them. so, next time you see these beautiful sweet Rainier cheeries, make sure you treat yourself and join me in heaven! : )