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may 26, 2005 thursday

what a beautiful day and beautiful world!!

i'm super happy today because:

#1 nothing to do with me having to drop the car off the dealership at 7.45am.

#2 and nothing to do either with the fact the i walked to office max by 8.20am (they open at 8.00) and the manager told me that he's short on staff, nobody's gonna be there for the copy center until 9.00am. i didn't even bother to ask if i can use the color copier myself. i went to target (in the same building) and was hoping to find most of those "muscle men" i wanna use as a page goody for my next zine, "broken".

#3 no, no no no. it's not related to the fact those "muscle men" charms are ALL GONE! they had been sitting on the shelves for months and nobody wanted them, now that i found the perfect use for them and want more, there's no more! why would anybody want those silly muscle men? i left the store feeling cold and lonely with empty hands!! i want more muscle men!!

ok! here's why: i've promised someone a comissioned painting for a few months already. during the school semester, i just had no time to do so much so i've been late for the job. i've been waiting for that "moment" to kick in and it didn't happen. this week is the final and i had to present it next week. i feel that so much of my cells dead every single seconds in the last four days. this work is a very special piece for my client and it's for her wedding. i was feeling pressure and nervious because of the importance of the piece and the more i was anxious about it to be "perfect" the more difficult for it to happen. it broke through this noon! for the first time i rolled up the blinds in my studio and work on that piece (i've been working in the dinning room cos' i had no room in my studio). my muse stoped by graceful and left after a short moment. if you know what i mean, the moment i was longing for kicked in, after months! so? big enough reason to compensate all the silly things i went through in the morning? it's not over yet! after i picked up the car (it was ready 20 minutes before they promised, very good sign!), i stoped by post office for i haven't been there for...a week? mails! mails! mails!! i got mails! i got mails from my friend in hong kong and us. i got mails ordering zines and i got a real mail and a big pack of fun goodies from Tammie who enjoyed reading my zines~~!! a reply letter is on it's way Tammie! thanks!!

ahh! life is so wonderful!

may 9, 2005 monday

we've been having a major construction going on in the kitchen for like a week already. the pipes in the wall were rotten and caused a serious leakge problem to my neighbour downstairs. i had to skipped class and elzan had to worked from home for 3 days and taitau has been barking at the constructors for days. and the kitchen has been completely covered with dust. and my rice-cooker has been used by the workers to collect rocks and dirty water. and we had no water for two days. and i've had an infection and the spring fever didn't help...

in short the last whole week has been an ordeal and i just wanna kill myself. oh wait! before i kill myself, i still have an exam in two days. and i still have the super delay CHiNesE SwEAtSHop #3 to finish. and the commission painting that is due in two weeks. and the broken showerhead that has to be replaced. and the car that has to be washed and...ok, may be i don't have time to kill myself yet! if i can make one wish, i wish that my mom is here to cook for me! ok, may be this is a bit too much. then can i just have my smelling ability back? i can't even taste my food now since my nose is blocked 22 hours a day...

may 1, 2005 sunday

Finally get to sit down and update (sort of) this site. There's so much I have to do to improve this site. Once I think of how big this "website updating" project can be/should be, I got scared and don't even wanna start. Well, I blame my lack of knowledge about computers and internet and websites and all. I tried to update this log a couple of weeks back but the capacity was fulled and I had to delet some something before I can do so, and...blah blah blah...

Anyways, I'm still here, day dreaming when waiting in line at the post office, spending more time trying to clean up my space then to create, write/draw zines in sleep(dreams) and doing all kinds of other silly things.

Make sure you check out the "Latest News" page before you go. CHINESE KITCHEN has been published. I'm not offically advertising it just yet cos' I'm still waiting for the promotional materials to be printed. Come back in a month or so, I promise to have something to show you then.