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nov 25, 2005

a month passed fast!! this passed month, i put together a hundred promotion packages for an event (see news update) in front of my tv which was NICE! sometimes i do miss watching tv!! besides 'watching tv' and making FAT book pages, i've also been creating new work! Chinese Sketch Book 1 will be ready in about 2 weeks. i'm not sure yet how often i will put this new zine out, may be you can tell me what you think? i'm also working on after Broken, hopefully it will be ready before X'mas. as for folding memories, sorry there has been some delay on the release date. thanks for those of you who asked about it, I promise it will be out by x'mas! and for those of you who are on the 'i want it' list, i will have the first batch sent out to you asap! thanks for your patience and support!

as for school, i put together my first portfolio and went to the 'portfolio day' at school last week. gee! it was tiring! i was carrying my 18"x24" portfolio together with all my zines, hand drawn postcards and a couple of framed work lining up and talking to different representatives for over 4 hours! but it was worth the 'hard work' cos' i received a lot of helpful feedback about my work and everybody loved my postcards(see art4sale section)! yeaah!! my portfolio was even accepted by School of Visual Arts in Manhattan!! yeaah again!! what nice encouragement!

thanksgiving ~ i don't really celebrate thanksgiving but i'm sooo thankful for the extra day off and the sales!! and ya, i started my shopping day at 6am til noon. AND elzan went with me to even Michael's! yeaaah three!! so now i'm exhausted and have to go to sleep! bye now~!