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oct 12, 2004 tuesday

i feel like i haven't been sitting down and make art for a long time. is it true or is it my imagination?

art history exam is finally over. i can't believe i got 100%! i don't think i've ever studied this hard in my whole life.

oct 13, 2004 wednesday

this morning, i spent half and hour to clean up my studio and spared an approx 15" by 12" area to play with the formica tags. i made six tags in about 3 hours and i'm quite happy with my first attempt. i'm sending 4 out for a swap tomorrow. will upload the pictures by this week.

when i was a kid, kids play a game called "what time is it, mr wolf?" players line up away from the goal, normally a wall, the kid who lost in "scissors, paper, rock" stand facing the wall and yell "what time is it, mr wolf". as soon as the sentence's finish, the caller turn around and catch the players who move. i wonder if you ever play this? now that you know what i played when i was a kid, may be you can tell me what you played? humm! may be i should sit down and write "recalling chilhood memories" for issue#2?

oct 19, 2004 tuesday

there really isn't anything new. i'm still very busy and am still trying to do as much as possible.

i feel very bad that i haven't be spending much time with Tai Tau. it's so unfair to him that i cut down the time we spend together just because i'm trying to do too many things at the same time! so i decided to slow down a little bit. i know i can meet the promised deadline for CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2 if i push myself hard but i changed my mind. (if i enjoy deadlines that much, i would have keep writing for the college paper right?!) go to the latest news for update, ok?

oct 21, 2004 thursday

i LOVE receiving letters and packages. i came home this evening and there were 3 boxes waiting for me. (whoa!!) ok, two of them got Elzan's name on them but i know one of them is for me cos' he told me a couple of days back. (yeah!!) now, who sent me a parcel? Oh, it's Vivian McDonald! i "met" Vivian through an ATC swap (that means we never really met!) but wait a minute, i thought we're only trading zines, why is she sending me a heavy box?? let's see...

oh mine! besides her beautifully done full-color Frida Kahlo zine, there's also a bag of halloween goodies...i can't believe me eyes! she sent me 28 erasers and a roll of metal paper!!) what a treat! thank you Vivian!! if you wonder why she sent me erasers, i guess that's because Vivan read CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #1! *wink* this will have to be the coolest "response" i've ever recevied from my "readers". i just love my job!!*big fat smile* thanks again, Vivian!!

oct 22, 2004 friday

when i came home this evening, i imagined more parcels waiting for me. guess what? there really are 3 bubbled envelopes waiting for me!! (yeah!!) wanna know what i got in mail today? continue reading!

package #1: 3 foreign CDs i ordered online. two of them are Japanese: best of j-pop of 2003 and 2004. the 3rd one is a Korean CD by Park Jiyoon. i love mail-ordering! it's 2 of my most favorite activities in one! shopping and receiving parcels!! *wink* oh, btw, if you too, like asian music/movies but don't know where to find them, try the 1st links on my links page. they've been keeping me a happy returned customer.

package #2: a rubber stamp with chinese characters sent from Hong Kong by my baby sister. i love receiving mails from HK, especially from my sis, BB. she's a very creative girl. her mails are always pretty (both layouts and hand-writting)

package #3: 4 formica tags from 4 different artists. remember the fomica tags i made for a swap last week? i know, i said i will update pictures on the web... anyway, the tags are cool! i love doing swaps and see what others are doing and thinking! *wink*

oct 29, 2004 friday

i just don't understand how a week can pass by so quickly! I've been putting Chinese Sweatshop issue#2 on the side for about 2 weeks now. now that my mid-term exams are over, i can finally "try" to finish it. hmm, while you guys are dressing up as pumpkins and witches, i will be wearing my wig and pointy ears sitting in front of my desk finishing issue#2!

happy halloween!!~