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october 28, 2005

i've been in zine heaven!! i received 17 wonderful zines from two swaps and i LOVE them all! they are all SO inspiring!! I haven't yet finish reading all of them. i only allow myself to read one at a time cos' i have way too much work to do these days! just finished 38 pages of my first skinny FAT book swap, {take flight}. i color-copied the front pages and added tiny rhinestones and handstamped the back pages with 4 different stamps in 4 different colors on some glossy cardstock...and of course, it took them forever to dry! i also added feathers, trims, charms and hide a "5 piece puzzle" within the page...yes, it took a lot of time to put these pages together but it was so FUN!

life has been busy as usual. sometimes i really think it's my poor time-management skills that is making my life so busy. i need to read some books on managing my time more efficiently but then i guess i'll have to find time to read those books first huh?!

i so want to dress up for Halloween and play! but i doubt if i'll have any 'spare time' for that! sigh~ talking about Halloween, some of you told me that the skeleton from the cover fell off...actually, i thought people might like to take the skeleton off and play with it, so i intentionally used the wacky dot to attach it to the cover so the cover won't get damage...but it turns out everybody likes it the way it is and even glue the little guy on the cover... humm, is this what's called miscalculation?

wishing you all a FUN and PLAYFUL Halloween!!

october 9, 2005

when i had dinner with bee day on wednesday, we were talking about the exhibition that ends on oct 9, which means sunday will be the last day...which means...OMG! i almost forgot our anniversary! elzan and mine! phew! anyway, i'm too sick and busy to get him any, i didn't. (and it proves that he still loves me! ;>) mom called yesterday, i was telling her how five years passed...that when i pulled out my journal and saw my entry from last oct 9th...i realized this is actually our 6th anniversary~oops! am i just a terrible wife or what? elzan said that he wanted to see how long it will take me to realize i was wrong! actually, he asked every so often which year we met and stuff and most of the time, i have the wrong answer! hehe!

elzan woke me up with some beautiful flowers today. but he had to work on the phone too since there was an emergency at work! : ( although we didn't go to the exhibition or shopping or have lunch at my favorite vegetarian restaurant, HANGAWI, he did vacuumed, and do the laundry with me! : ) here's the exhibition that i missed, it's really cool! check out the website, at least ~Look at Book