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sept 13th, 2004 Monday

CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP issue #1 sold out since last week. I didn't have the intention to do a reprint from the very beginning.

Today, I saw one of my art professors who I haven't seen for the whole summer holiday. I showed him my CHiNesE SwEAtSHop and he pulled out his money and offer to buy straight away.

You know the rest of the story. I reprinted 8 copies of it this afternoon. I really want this professor to have a copy of it. I knew he will like it.

Why 8? Because I have 8 covers pratically colored sitting at home. That's it, I'm not printing issue #1 anymore!

sept 16th, 2004 Thursday

I can't beleive I haven't update this site for days! This week past so fast. It's the second week of the semester, and I feel like I'm in a marathon already. I'm a little behind cos' I have only 8 lids to cover 10 pots.

sept 17th, 2004 Friday

My friend, Lata said to me today: "Visiting your website has become a habit..." That made me smile. Thank you, Lata, for reminding me although it may not be a lot but there are people who actually come back to see what's new on this site. I'll try to update this site as frequent as I use to. *smile*

sept 19th, 2004 Sunday

My work schedule from Saturday night:

Sat11.58pm Kinko's
Sun03.38am Kinko's
Sun05.52am Left Kinko's and went home
Sun02.10pm Left home for breakfast

Yeah!! Chinese Chandler is gonna be ready soon!!