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september 25, 2005

how can a month passed that fast? i have no clue! so, what have i done in this one month? well, quite a lot, acutally. school started. so i'm back in school again. i'm doing only 5 credits this semester. alot of friends are graduating by the end of this semester or have gone already. it feels weird. I started to feel like a vampire that has been living too long... very soon, i will not see those faces who started with me anymore! i ran into this girl who was in the same painting class with me almost two years ago. this is her last semester and she looked so fine and... so... grown-up! i feel old now...!!

this passed weekend, the whole sampson family attended the Scarsdale Art Association Outdoor Art Show and Sale at Chase Park. this year, my friend Taka didn't go. and many more artist didn't show up. i'm learning more this year and i still enjoy seeing people turning their heads from left to right and right to left just to read my writing around my prints! it's fun!! thanks for your interest, people!! oh! i was on today's newspaper! here's a picture of the local paper, Scarsdale Inquirer!


elzan has been a real sweetheart helping me at the art show and taking me to Binghamton for the 15th Mini Print International Exhibition reception. it was last thursday and he was real busy that day. he drove us there (over 3 hour drive!) while taking on the phone for his never ending conference calls while i was catching up with my sleep debts. then he stayed in the car and continued working while i was enjoying different exhibitions in the museum. he joined me 15 minutes before 7pm and we arrive home at 11pm! we were both exhausted but it was a very neat museum and i'm really glad that we went! the Mini Print Exhibition is showing in the Roberson Mansion connected to the museum building. it's a beautiful mansion and all the works in the show are so wonderful. i'm so proud to be a part of it. here's some pictures from the Roberson Museum!

what i see before walking in the museum

beautifully embellished 'retired mary-go-round horsy', Roberson Mansion

my print is being displayed in here!

my friend, Bee, got me this DVD as my belated birthday present: In the Realms of the Unreal (The Mystery of Henry Darger)! yeahhh!!

last summer, we saw his exhibition together. this spring, we were gonna watch the film together but i ended up going without her. i almost fell in love with Henry Darger after watching the film! he seem to me a blessed unfortunate soul~ he's unfortunate to me cos' of his childhood experience but he's blessed to me cos' he seem to have stayed a child his whole life (which played an important part to his art). talking about his life, oh boy! he seem to be the loneliest soul in the universe yet he lived such a 'colorful life'! in short, this is a film you don't wanna miss. you'll love him too!

talking about birthday, don't you think birthdays are just another day of your life (if you are 30 or more)? i surly felt that way! instead of going out for some seafood (which WAS my favorite), Thai food or Japanese sushi, i chosen to stayed in and had egg sandwich fro dinner! yup! no new haricut or eye shadow or pretty new dress!! but elzan did a good job to be a sweet husband, he got me an ice-cream cake! the first and ever in my life! and it was baileys and raisin n' rum flavor!! yeaaaaah! here's the cake! (of course, we only remember to pull out the camera after cutting the cake (and my name away) and while the ice-cream cake was trying to melt away on the hot summer night!!

hear enough about me and want to hear something else? ok, I made a NEW zine!! yeaaaaaaaaaah!! if you are one of those who enjoys my 'grandma stories' or if you are one fo those who enjoys my 'diary style' zines or if you are one of those who enjoys my interest chinese/hong kong don't wanna miss Chinese Halloween!! : )