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What a sweet little zine Chinese Sektch Book #1 is. I read it cover to cover twice. It made me want to get out a sketch pad and give it a try. I used to love to draw as a child and your little goodie bag is so cute with the crayon and pen. hope you make more Chinese Sketchbooks. The idea is so clever. I love when you make a dairy of your trips or what ever you are currently doing. They are so fun to read. I have to say, out of all the zines out there, yours are my favorite. Thanks so much.

ELSIE, Your fantastic zines arrived yesterday. All of them are so delightful and entertaining. I love all your drawings and stories. You are a natural storyteller! I'm sure all your friends love being around you with your amazing personality. Thanks ever so much for mailing these zines and all the goodies to me.
I just LOVE all of it.

from Linda, Teaneck, NJ.

I received your zines yesterday and read each one through from cover to cover. They are great! I loved the story about your wedding. And the Chinese surnames. The other thing I thought was so interesting in your zines is your prospective of New York City. It's great. Many people that haven't been there are like me; they want to live vicariously through another person's perspective. So that was really neat to read about in your zines. Keep up the fantastic work!

I will send you a snail mail thank you (because you love to get letters), but I had to tell you what a great zine I received!!! I love it! It made my day last night when I got home and I am still reading it of course. Even the stamps on the outside were so pretty - and re-usable (for my crafts) I might add. You have a great sense of humor and I love the way you write! You gave some people a lot of fun today! From White Plains, NY to Folsom, CA. Thanks!

Hi Elsie, I received your zine today! It totally inspired me, so I thought I would share with you my journal entry from this evening- I haven't sketched in a while, and hope to get back into it. Thank you!!!

from Nancy

I just received your Chinese Sketchbook 1 today and was so excited to check it out. Of course I knew to expect it to be great and you have never disappointed me. I wish I could draw, I always wanted to but was not good at it. I will read your zine for inspiration and some tips on drawing. I think of you often when I think of zines and zine making and what kind of zine I want to produce next. Can't wait to read it through.Thanks Elsie!

Oh Elsie! I am your biggest fan! Ooooh, yummy! I just got into my big package with Chinese Chandler, Holloween, folding memories and everything! Even though I continue to be too sick to function these joyful works brought me so much happiness! You are such a delight to me. I am bored by just about everyone and everything I see in art these days. So little is fresh. Finding your little company was like discovering treasure! Thanks again,

Folding Memories came today! I was so excited. It is fabulous and so cleverly done. I can't get over the folding technique. It's so cool. And so beautifully done as well. The graphics and pictures and the little attachments are all just perfect, as is the "story." Folding Memories is a little treasure. I'll be displaying it in my book case behind the glass doors where I keep my most treasured books and my favorite dolls. I just love it, Elsie. Oh, and your presentation was perfect, too, and how it came in the mail with using a tag for the name and address. You are so FULL of brilliant ideas.
~Many hugs, Candace

from Carmen, Mountain View, CA.

I rec'd the second issue (my first) of Chinese Sweatshop. It is wonderful! I was surprised that a 60YO woman born and raised in CA (me!) could have so much in common with you.
I love that you write about your dog, Dai Tau! And Spirographs! Just loved using them and had forgot all about ever having one. Thanks for the memories! Thank you for the zine. It's a pleasure to read.
As for the rest of you, I encourage you to considering getting an issue of Elsie's zine.

Hi Elsie,
Wow! The zines are great! I got them on Sat (that was fast!) and read them on Sunday. The Philly zine diary was neat because I know nothing about zine shows but I did grow up outside of Philly. It was a nice peak into the world of zines. Chinese Halloween was just too cool. I loved your grandmothers stories and the peek into the Chinese culture. All the different topics just blended together so smoothly and the presentation was just plain fun, from the skelly on the front to the treat bag in the back. Fantastic!!
I have joined the Gleaner Zine January zine swap, for the first time, and can't wait to have some fun making a zine of my own. Thanks for the quick shipping!! And the goodies in the envelope!!
~Karen C in Virginia

I really was tickled pink to recieve your Chinese Halloween today. :-) i've been sick, so i curled up in bed with it and read it cover to cover, and then went back and read parts over again. it was wonderful! i'm soooo glad that you posted to whichever group i heard about it through. :-)

Hi Elsie: I got your package full of 'zines today, and I'm in 'zine heaven! woo hoo!
I just love the way you've put these together... each is uniquely different and fun fun fun! Thank you so much! IF you ever decide to put together artist editions of issue 1 and 2 as reprints, please do let me know... I will buy them. Thanks!

I love your zinefest zine! Especially the P.S. mini-zine held on by a zumbilical cord. What a great idea! Thanks so much. The little package of goodies is fabulous, as usual, but it's your writing & voice that I always look forward to the most. The fan (blowing fan) page cracked me up. And the little lecturer (you) with the audience going, "Yeah, whatever." So cool. The layout is so imaginative. I wish I could think that way, with so many different approaches. Congrats, you are the Zine Queen.
~With awe, Orla

Hi Elsie, Received your zine "Chinese Kitchen". I found it to be most enjoyable and informative. I liked it a lot. It will have a special place in my zine collection. Thanks for sending it.
~ Wilma

from Peggy, Santa Fe, NM.

I LOVED your Chinese Birthday zine - you really have a way of making the reader feel as if they are RIGHT NEXT TO you when you do these things - it is SO fun! And I think your illustrations fit the mood and your lettering style perfectly - you really are talented!

CHiNesE SwEAtSHoP #2 is such a fun and beautiful zine! I love everything about it,and the little inserts (Pencil, Beads, Spiral Toy, Kermit Book) are fabulous. Your stories about your life are so enjoyable to read. They really make your zine personal. I am definitely looking forward to future issues.

Just a note to let you know how much I loved your zine! Shopping tips, recipes, stories (the one about your grandmother's Christmas tree was wonderful), and all those delightful goodies tucked away inside the cover and pages! I'm not sure how you manage to sell them at so low a price! It must take hours and hours to write, draw, print, and assemble them.
~Your zine-fan, Carla Rae

from Karen, Bellingham, WA.

i really, really enjoyed the projects you sent me. they aren't 'my style', but the energy you put into them, and their strong personal touch make them really wonderful to read and to have. it's like you packaged a part of your personality and shipped it to me, to share. they've really inspired me to put more energy and faith into my own projects.
~Karen Gau

I have to admit, I didn't know what to think when I saw the title of your zine. Boy was a pleasantly surprised. Your zine is fabulous. I really enjoyed reading EVERY article in it. Chinese Sweatshop was a great zine - my favorite.

oh wow! i just checked out your site. you are making web pages this time!!!!?? you'll never stop going. Which always give me huge energy too! thanks!

I loved your site to the point of extreme jealousy--for your talent and all the time you get to apply it in action.
Green with envy,
Tom ...........

from Nancy, Santa Fe, NM.

I LOOVED clicking your website -- it is great. It is very insightful, honest and interestingly beautiful. Your work is inspiring. The whimsy of your site, your zine and all that reveal so much about you and your spirit is uplifting.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR WEBSITE!!!!! Very fun and creative! Tai Tau is very cute! Chinese sweatshop is my most favorite zine.....I can relate to all of the things you put in there!

Wow!! Your zine is so amazing! What an incredible collection of your art, writing, thoughts, experiences, and beauty. I smiled from cover to cover.

This zine is so inspirational and entertaining. It is a real bargain for all it has in it. I am really surprised that this is her first published zine!
~ Vickie,