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She's the Chinese, Elsie Sampson

Elsie Sampson
She is Chinese born and raised in Hong Kong. Psychics and fortune-tellers told her that she would settle somewhere far from her parents since she was a little girl.

She has not been back to Hong Kong for over 3 years but her body functions on Hong Kong time (12 hours ahead of NY).

She was a candlemaker/vendor in 2000, a chef student in 2001, a professional cook in 2002, and a magazine columnist in 2003.

Latest identities: College student and Zinester and she intends to keep these identities for a loooong time!

She prefers the old days when milk is packed in glass bottles and buying take aways food meaning BYOC (bring your own containers). She loves to dream and have too many dreams...

She's the Web Mistress, Lie Fhung

Lie Fhung @
She's Chinese-Indonesian and is living in Hong Kong. She's a living proof of 'true love and cool friends can be met on internet' cos' that's where her true love hubby and cool friend Elsie found her.

She's a contemporary artist, webpage designer and more. She designed this cool website and our brand new 'Elsie's working in sweatshop' logo.

She adores the feel of a wooden rubber stamp in her palm but she sacrificed this sensation and ripped her stamps off the blocks so that she can fit more in her tiny home-studio. Check out her new digital scrapbooking line called Ztampf! - which you can print out to create cards, altered-art and other craft projects!